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The amazing way to avail all the UV CURING Benefits..

Faster production speeds

UV process requires less space, allowing higher production speeds, involving less direct labour, makes those facilities and resources available for higher production capacity. Less down time and higher throughput increase machine utilization, and have a direct effect on plant capacity. In general, UV curing offers increased productivity and better plant and equipment utilization.
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Improved Physical Properties

The reasons for considering UV usually include a number of improved physical properties such as Improved gloss, Better scratch and Abrasion resistance, Better chemical resistance, Resistance to crazing, Hardness, Elasticity, Adhesion or Bond strength. Which gives superior product performance which may result in increased market share or increased sales.
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Environmentally Friendly

We invite our customers to publicize “Green” characteristics pertaining to their use of UV curing processes.
Using UV curing in our manufacturing process significantly reduces Volatile organic compound emissions, Carbon dioxide emissions, and reduces the energy needed to produce our product.
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We are a simple company with simple goal

Welcome to UV CURE and to the world of industrial UV Curing! As a growing Indian provider of UV Spares, Equipment and Services, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to optimize your manufacturing processes and production line efficiencies by adopting the latest advances in UV technology.
We invite you to explore our web site, which we’ve designed to be educational as well as informative. We provide UV Lamps, UV Curing systems, Process designs and Service for your application of UV-cured inks, coatings and adhesives onto Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Paper and much more applications.
Vision and Mission
UV CURE is a company of creative people who respect diversity, delight customers, and supplies distinctive products. Our products become enabling technologies that help us and others invent the future.
Our Philosophy
A focus on providing customers with products and services that create, enable, and expand existing performance boundaries.
Services we offer
UV Cure is dedicated to building long term relationships with customers by providing high quality products at reasonable prices and with excellent customer service.
Our Commitments
We can solve your production challenges by helping to find highly effective, practical solutions.
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